Welcome to the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc.

The Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center is an industry leader in helping people build consensus through mediation, facilitation and training.

A pioneer in the growing area of alternative dispute resolution, the Center works both inside and outside of the court setting. Skilled mediators are trained to help people improve communication, find common ground, resolve issues, and settle disputes.

If you have a conflict or disagreement that you cannot resolve yourself, mediation may be the answer. Mediation helps you and your disputant(s) resolve your differences skillfully and effectively.

During mediation, you will discuss the issues important to you and determine the outcome yourselves. The concerns of each party in the dispute will be clarified with the help of trained, impartial mediators.  The mediators will encourage clear and constructive discussions, but will not impose a solution on you. You will be assisted in finding a resolution that is acceptable to everyone in the conflict.

The WCRC is also the premier resource for trainings for mediators, businesses, organizations, and more.  A recognized resource throughout the Wisconsin, the Midwest, and beyond, the WCRC is able to suggest or design a training to meet your specific needs.  

The mission of the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc. is to help people resolve their disputes effectively, expeditiously, and with compassion and respect.

The Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center is a non-profit organization providing mediation services throughout Wisconsin, free mediation services to residents of Winnebago County, and training in mediation and conflict resolution.

*October 2021 Update* The Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center has entered into a management agreement to begin providing mediation services through the Fond du Lac Conflict Resolution Center. More information is forthcoming on this collaboration and services to be provided in Fond du Lac County.