About Conflict

Conflict is personal.  It swirls in your gut.  It can break your heart.  It follows you home, keeps you up at night, and can lurk behind any corner.  Conflict is telling you something. It won’t leave you alone until you understand and act.

What is Conflict?

Conflict can be a scary thing, but it doesn't need to be.  Conflict is natural and necessary for change.  

How does someone deal with Conflict?

Constructively handling conflict can result in reduction of costs, increased productivity, increased happiness, and many other positive outcomes. The WCRC can assist through the use of Mediation, Conflict Coaching, or Facilitation.  

What is Conflict Coaching?

Mediation requires both parties to a conflict to be willing to take part in the process.  The WCRC has developed sample language (DOC) that you can use to suggest mediation.  If the other party is not able or willing to mediate, Conflict Coaching can occur when one party needs additional information about how to address a particular conflict.  

What is Facilitation and how does it work?

Facilitation is a group process that can aid department staff, work teams and committees to examine tough, divisive issues and resolve them creatively. WCRC facilitators, use techniques that encourage active participation and collaboration. In the process, the group identifies problems, brainstorms solutions, and reaches consensus.

In a WCRC facilitation, each participant becomes an important part of the group. Underlying issues are brought to the surface and discussed. The focus is on team problem-solving as specific plans for positive attitudes and action are developed.

 If you are interested in the services of the WCRC, please contact us for more information.