How to Become a Volunteer Mediator at the WCRC

Mediators come to the WCRC from every walk of life.  Sure, we have some mediators who are attorneys, but many more come from other areas.  Human resources, psychologists, educators (primary, secondary, and university), business owners, nurses, military, and more.  

All mediators with the WCRC must attend a 40-hour mediation training.  After completing the training, all mediators will observe experienced WCRC mediators for at least 8 hours and then co-mediate with another WCRC mediator for another 8 hours.  This training and mentorship program is essential to provide high quality mediation services.

The WCRC offers at least one 40-hour mediation training every year.  If you are interested in volunteering, and willing to make a commitment of 5 hours per month for one year, the WCRC will subsidize $675 of the cost of your training.  (You get a training that normally costs $775 for only $100!)

If you are interested in our upcoming mediation training as a volunteer, you need to complete the WCRC Volunteer Application (PDF) and Volunteer Contract (PDF).  All potential volunteers must be approved by the WCRC Board of Directors prior to attending the training.