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Types of Mediation

A foreclosure mediation program is now available to assist homeowners facing a mortgage foreclosure action in Winnebago, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Marquette, Outagamie, Waupaca, and Waushara Counties. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where you and the lender seeking to foreclose on your home may discuss ways to resolve your foreclosure case, including reinstatement of the loan and possible modification of the loan terms. Visit the foreclosure mediation page to view and/or print the foreclosure mediation program forms for your particular county.

Domestic Problem
Our mediators can help people work through disagreements involving family members, friends or roommates by encouraging them to talk about what their choices are and to come to a resolution so all parties can live in peace. Pre-divorce and post-divorce problems can be settled without the expenses of attorneys and/or court hearings.

Restraining Orders
Mediation provides a safe, neutral location for parties to talk through past events and present
concerns and, with the help of experienced mediators, work out an agreement that both sides can follow.

Juvenile Disputes
Conflicts between youths, as well as between youths and adults, schools, merchants or the law can be talked
through with trained mediators in a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere. Parents are present at the sessions and the emphasis is on helping young people take responsibility for their actions and for making things right.

Work Site
Employer/employee conflicts and/or conflicts among co-workers can be mediated at your worksite or here at our office, depending on your needs. Our mediators understand the need for confidentiality in this and all types of mediations. The focus is on clearing the air and making a plan for the future so the parties can work together peacefully and productively.  Additionally, we offer on-site or off-site trainings that can improve morale and productivity.

These disputes usually involve family members and can be more complex. Emotions may run high in these cases and our mediators are experts in helping people voice their concerns and then get beyond them to a satisfactory resolution.

Small Claims
In Winnebago County, all contested small claims cases are sent by the Court to mediation. Parties come on Thursday mornings and can take advantage of having trained mediators available to help them talk to each other and come to an agreement. The agreement is written up in contract form, which includes a default clause in case the agreement falls through, and then their cases can be dismissed.

Neighbor Problems
Disputes regarding noise, pets, neighbor relations, parking, etc., sometimes need an impartial third party to hear the issues and help individuals discuss their options for a workable solution. Mediation can provide an end to disputes that have often been on-going for years.