Foreclosure Mediation

A foreclosure mediation program is now available to assist homeowners facing a mortgage foreclosure action in Winnebago, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Outagamie, Waupaca, Marquette, and Waushara Counties. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where you and the lender seeking to foreclose on your home may discuss ways to resolve your foreclosure case, including reinstatement of the loan and/or possible modification of the loan terms. Click on the links below to view and/or print the foreclosure mediation program forms for your county.

Calumet County

Fond du Lac County

Manitowoc County

Marquette County

Outagamie County

Waupaca County

Waushara County

Winnebago County

Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network Rules

All default judgments in mortgage foreclosures shall be scheduled for a hearing in open court, due notice of which shall have been given to all defendants at least 10 days before the hearing.  If all parties consent or no defendant appears at the scheduled hearing, the court may grant a default judgment based on affidavits or testimony. Mortgage Foreclosure and Mediation in Residential Foreclosure

In all residential mortgage foreclosure actions, the plaintiff shall attach to the summons and complaint the following forms:

  1. Notice of Availability of Mediation through the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center
  2. Mediation Request Form

Plaintiff shall serve all forms on all mortgagors named in the action.  The forms shall be produced on colored paper and are available above, through the Clerk of Circuit Court's website, or will be available at the county's Clerk of Courts office.

"Residential mortgage foreclosure actions" is defined as those foreclosure actions involving either first or second mortgages and involving one-four family residences, owner occupied, or tenant occupied, so long as the landlord owns no more than five one-four family rental properties.

While entry into the Foreclosure Mediation Program is voluntary for both parties, by consenting, the parties agree to abide by the process set forth in the Foreclosure Mediation Process Description (PDF).