Small Claims Mediations

Pursuant to Winnebago County Local Court Rule 4.03 D and 9, disputed small claims cases in Winnebago County are ordered to attend a Mediation Orientation date.  Failure to appear at this date may result in a default judgment or dismissal of the action.  The WCRC cannot overrule the court rule or court order - if you are ordered to attend, you must do so.

The WCRC holds all small claims Mediation Orientation dates on Thursday mornings at 9:00am.


Pursuant to the Order to Attend the Mediation Orientation, any requests to reschedule should be made as soon as possible and must be made at least one week in advance.  After the one week deadline, any rescheduling must be completed with the approval of both parties.

Phone Appearance

Only individuals who live (pursuant to the address on record with the Court) more than 100 miles from the Winnebago County Courthouse may appear by phone.  This must be requested in advance and may require that the case be rescheduled to allow for a phone appearance.  As such, it is recommended that any request to appear by phone be made as soon as possible and at least one week in advance of the mediation.  

Mediation Orientation

At 9:00am the session begins with a brief description and explanation of the mediation process.  At that point each case is called to the front to discuss with the Director whether mediation is appropriate in that case.  If the parties agree to mediate (and more than 75% agree to mediate) they are immediately sent off with mediators to attempt resolution of the dispute.  75% of all WCRC mediations result in an agreement of the parties.