Other Training

The Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center is a recognized leader in training workshops and seminars that provide companies and organizations with the tools they need to deal with conflict in the workplace. Trainings are structured to specific needs. The following is a listing of some of our most popular trainings:

7 Common Communication Mistakes

This was the best session of the entire conference - Wisconsin SHRM Conference

Also the title of a forthcoming book from WCRC Director Michael Rust, this workshop has been given to nearly one thousand people and is one of our most popular trainings.

Conflict Management

Your business, church, school, community organization or other group will gain an understanding of the dynamics of conflict and learn how to deal with it in a positive way through a Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center workshop on conflict management skills. Find out how to implement the team approach to problem solving. Contact us about developing a workshop to meet your needs.

Communication Styles

Helps coworkers understand and appreciate others' strengths and weaknesses and how to work well together.


Negotiation is a skill that we can learn, practice, and become better at.  Yet, we rarely train people on how to perform this essential and required business skill.  In this workshop, you learn the theories of negotiation, how to prepare for a negotiation, and receive feedback on coached role plays.   

Team Building

Teaches motivation and empowerment skills. It is highly suitable for managers, who will learn the benefits and techniques of collaboration, how to run meetings effectively, how to reach consensus, and methods for follow-up and measurement.

Problem Solving

Builds decision-making skills for both managers and staff and teaches them how to reach consensus.

Dispute Resolution in the Workplace Seminar

A comprehensive full day workshop to include communication styles, conflict management, problem solving and team-building.

In-depth Mediation Skills

A five-day workshop to train "in house" mediators in a step-by-step process for reaching agreements.

Many more...

If you do not see a topic that you want for your business, church, school, community organization or other group, please feel free to contact us to discuss options on developing a training for your specific needs.